My daily commute

On my first Monday morning I walked from the Zuloaga Txiki hostel at the north end of Tolosa about 5.5 km to Billabona along a series of small roads and paths that follow a section of the Camino of Santiago.



Juan had recommended this route, but he couldn’t show much of it on Friday, because cars are prohibited in most of it. It wiggles back forth along the RENFE train line and the Oria River with many farms on either side, especially the section between Anoeta and Billabona. It’s beautiful and I see lots of people out walking, jogging and biking.




Juan and his wife, artist Carmen Sevilla, live in Billabona; his paper & fibre warehouse is located off the town plaza. Eskulan is back across the river and another 1 km towards Zizurkil.


He procured a bike for me and I had brought my own helmet, reflector belt and pump. What a great way to get around, as well as starting and winding down my work/study days with a light workout.



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