The exhibition Claire Kujundzic and I had at GKo Gallery in Tolosa, Gipuzkoa would not have been possible without the generous support of:
Charlie Roots and Mary Ann Annable, Whitehorse, Yukon; the Kujundzic clan; Gillian Walker, Alan Zisman and Linda Reid, Susan Madsen and Stephen Mitchell, Vancouver, BC; Nik Semenoff, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Sophia Isajiw, Toronto, Ontario; Anne Fullerton in Kitchener, Ontario; Whitegold Adventures and Caroline Zinz, Wells, BC; Chris Harris and Rita Giesbrecht, 105 Mile House, BC; District of Wells: Murray Gudmundson at Tier One Travel, Victoria, BC.

Eta eskerrik asko -> Garikoitz Cuitlahuac Murua Fierro, Kizkitza Lasa Agirre, Box.A Arte Elkarte, Brian Cullen, Zuloaga Txiki, Juantxo Garmendia 😉
Forest carpet (yellow), cropped

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