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Evolution of an abstract silkscreen print

The approaching deadline for a biennial Japanese screen print competition motivated me to try something different this summer. I wondered if I could simulate ceramic raku effects? This photo of the texture left by cooked black beans in a glass bowl was my starting point:

Pattern left by black beans in a glass bowl.

Then I created several posterization threshold bitmaps to use as film positives that I could print:

After printing a background gradient and a circular gradient, I started printing these textures using copper ink, then gold, then various other colours. The last texture was clear gloss, printed repeatedly to build up a relief surface. Then a slim metallic frame. I printed several colour combinations and variations.

Mixing copper ink

Here are some photos and closeups of what I titled, “Babarrunak Raku” (Babarrunak is Euskera/Basque for black beans!).

Thanks to Sophia, Annerose, Ian and Claire for their feedback during the printmaking process.

(Here’s one recipe from Tolosa and here is the Tolosa website about black beans.)