Graphic design

Digital montages

A collaboration

Claire Kujundzic and I created this design for the T. Buck Suzuki Foundation back in the 1990s. They printed shirts in two colours with it. Salmon = a lino block print; water and waves made with rubber cement resist and india ink; lettering by Claire who also and helped with the overall design.

Wild Salmon by Bill Horne & Claire Kujundzic

Books & catalogues:

Front cover of Charlie Roots' Mount Logan journal; 8/5" ✕ 11".

Front cover of Charlie Roots’ Mount Logan journal; 8/5″ ✕ 11″, hard cover; ISBN 978-0-9950318-0-7.

$30 + GST + shipping/handling; please use the About & Contact page of this site to inquire about mailing rates for your region.

Some of the books I have designed for BC photographer Chris Harris:

Bilingual cover jacket for a catalogue of the late Norman Yates.

Cover jacket, book by Derek Evans.

Also, please see this page.

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