Hand made papers

This series consists of papers I have made, then silk screened with images of the plants from which I made them.

Papermaking apprenticeship

In 2013, I had the pleasure of meeting Juan Barbé of Taller Eskulan in Villabona, Gipúzcoa, Euskal Herria – País Vasco, Spain. A graduate of the Tolosa School of Paper nearby, he has an inspiring wealth of knowledge and experience, and has fabricated a wide range of beautiful hand made papers from a variety of fibres. Juan has also led many artist’s book workshops in various countries.

In late September, 2013 I began a two week apprenticeship with him, thanks in large part to  Professional Development funding from Access Copyright Foundation.


Thanks also to the estate of the late Helen Hawthorne, Steve & Janet Gray of Victoria, BC,  Chris Harris of 105 Mile House, BC, Andrew Hamilton of Wells, BC, and Norma & Butch Collins of BNC Mercantile, Wells, BC for their support. To Murray Gudmundson at Tier One Travel. And of course to Claire Kujundzic for her longstanding encouragement.

Special thanks to: Juan Barbé, Xavier Viñarás and Carmen Sevilla in Billabona-Zizurkil for their generosity; Pablo Eguskiza & Idoia Egurdibe at the Tolosa Paper School; Carmen, Iñaki, José & the staff at Zuloaga Txiki in Tolosa for making my stay so pleasant; Garikoitz eta Xabier de Boxa Arte Elkarte studios / GKo gallery in Tolosa for their warm welcome; Brian Cullen Bruneval at the Tolosa Tourism office for his friendly, detailed assistance with logistics, local resources & Euskera; Iñaki Extebeste & Amaia Pavon Arrizabalaga of Arrasate-Mondragon for sharing the very best of their culture; Juankar Cardesin of Donostia for his immediate friendship; Dorien, Emilio & Edo at El Hacedor for their hospitality; tod@s mis co-esuchas en Euskal Herria por su apoyo.

It was a very rewarding experience. Eskerrik asko!

You can find my posts about different aspects of my learning experience at Eskulan and my travels to and from Gipúzcoa by clicking my Home page and scrolling down to 2013 …

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