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Portrait of Dr William Allen Jones

Photo courtesy Barkerville archives.

Dr. William Allen Jones was the first dentist licensed in BC. He was born in 1831 in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA and died in Barkerville in 1897. I have not yet succeeded in finding his grave in the Barkerville cemetery. Many tourists peer into his dental clinic on the main street of Barkerville Historic Town near Wells.

Digital mockup.

Using a photo from the Barkerville archives, I designed a silk screen portrait in 8 colours (above). This will be a fundraiser for the Wells Historical Society, Friends of Barkerville, and the BC Black History Awareness Society.

These variations in the background blend show the process of achieving smoother results:

A short clip of printing the background and another clip as seen from above.

Next step: printing the shirt:

Printing a gradient base for the jacket:

Next: the underprint for the head and face:

The first posterization of the photo:

Second posterization printed:

Third posterization printed:

Fourth posterization printed:

A printed gold frame (clear ink mixed with “gold” powder) “traps” the perimeter of the print and any minor misregistrations:

This special edition will be ready in late September. More images to follow; I’ll post the fundraising information once I finish printing all the colours.